Step mom hugs

When I dropped one of my kids this morning at camp, I got to chatting with another mom — we of course began talking about the heat, then went from there. Since we were enjoying our chat, I waited for her to say goodbye to her kid and then walked back to the cars with her. What surprised me, though, was that she turned out to be the stepmother, yet she still got hugs and kisses at the goodbye.

I don’t even get hugs when dropping off my own kids half the time, and here was a step mom getting them. I think that’s so lovely!

I’m a stepmother myself, although my stepson is grown now and doesn’t do vistation anymore. And our situation was hardly normal. However, I never did the hugs and kisses thing with my stepson. So I guess I’m jealous, but also touched. It’s lovely to see a stepmother (she said she’s been his stepmom since he was 3) who can have such a happy relationship with her partner’s child.

It gave me a warm fuzzy this morning. Of course, my mood is greatly improved now that the weather has cooled a bit too.


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