Adults reading children’s books

July 3, 2009

I just finished reading Twilight, and it made me feel too old to read it. It’s a bit of a shame, really, since I’ve read every Harry Potter book and loved them. I never once felt like the book was aimed at someone other than me when I was reading it. But not so Twilight.

In case you have been living under a rock or don’t know any girls 9-19, Twilight is the first book in a series by Stephanie Meyer aimed at pre-teens and teenaged girls. It’s about a teenaged girl who falls in love with a vampire. There are I think four books so far in her series. And all the girls are reading them, and obsessing over them, and the movies they are making from the books.

I’ve heard Twilight described as the girl’s version of Harry Potter, in that the Harry series got boys reading, and Twilight did the same for girls.

So even though I am not the mother of girls, I decided to see what all the girls were so fussed about. And while I enjoyed the read, I felt it was definately too juvenile for my reading tastes. Too much teenage angst, too much vampire lore.

So I’ve reached the conclusion that I am not a teenage girl. I know it seems incredulous, that I, a 41-yr-old woman, mother of two boys, is not a teenage girl. But like I said, I loved the Harry Potter books, I watch every episode of Degrassi, still enjoy movies featuring young adults, and love most of the books I read to my kids. But I didn’t enjoy this book, so perhaps I should rethink my viewing and reading habits.

Obviously I should only read books aimed at boys, just not girls.