Spontenaity and kids

July 16, 2009

I think I am a spontaneous person. At least, I used to be spontaneous. Summers were always great for last minute things. Heading to a patio because it was hot. Going camping because we had no plans and the weather was good.

Even after we had a baby we were still semi-spontaeous. Okay, we had to spend an hour or more packing the trunk with portable cribs, strollers, food, diapers, and on and on. But we went on last-minute excursions, I think.

Somewhere in the past few years though, I’ve lost my last-minute-ness. It’s too much effort planning food, clothes, schedules and activities for four people (since you know hubby leaves it all to me!), so I’d rather take fewer get aways, fewer outings. I prefer the comforts of home so I don’t have to worry about what the kids will do when we’re out.

Well now we have two school-aged kids, and I’m trying to regain some spontenaity (gee, I hope I’m spelling that word right since I’ve used it so much!). I recently proposed a weekend getaway on one day’s notice, and the rest of my family stared at me in shock that I was the one to suggest it.

I still have to plan food, activities and packing for all four of us, but with only clothes to pack and kids who can eat at regular restaurants, it’s a lot less of a hassle. And while I know the kids will be sleep-deprived and a getaway won’t be as unplanned as the olden days B.C. (before children), I am proud to be regaining some sense of my old last-minute self.


Lazy summer days

June 29, 2009

I didn’t have to make lunches Sunday night, because the kids would be home with Dad on Monday.

I didn’t have to nag anyone to practice piano or do homework, because we’re done with all that for two months.

I didn’t freak out about getting the kids to bed on time, because even if they don’t get enough sleep (no matter what, I know they won’t sleep in), they don’t really have to be sharp the next day.

I’ve been finding time to read my own book and update my blog.

This is the first summer where both my kids are out of school and daycare for the whole two months. It will be a pain in so many ways to get them to and from enough camps to give us parents time to work but not too much so they’re overscheduled. But for the moment, all I can think of is the good stuff.

I love summer vacation. Today. Ask me again tomorrow night when my kids are sleep deprived and getting on my nerves.